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A New Hobby For Dad

male shoppingSo a couple of Sundays ago, Wendy (my beautiful wife of nearly 5 years) and I had breakfast at our favourite little breakfast spot at the local strip mall. Aside from munching delicious poached eggs and sipping on frothy cappuccinos, we spent the time coming to terms with and chatting excitedly about the existence of Zygote (“Zee” for short) our precious little bean of baby cells inside Wendy’s 5-week-pregnant body.

Amazing, Wonderful, Exciting and Scary – would our lives together ever be the same again?

Sitting in the restaurant, I found myself aware for the first time of the many babies and young children also out for breakfast with their parents that morning, and aware of the multitude of “kid stuff” the parents had with them – prams, bags containing who-knows-what, soft toys, bottles of various liquids, dummies, etc etc. I had never really noticed this stuff before – now I was critically comparing the different prams, wondering what makes a good pram, and is function more important than style? What are the trendiest pram brands?

After breakfast we found ourselves sucked in to the Toys R Us (that I’ve walked past many times before but never been inside) and into the very, very extensive baby section.

Before that Sunday I considered myself a fairly experienced parent, having raised my son Tom since he was 6 months old (he’s nearly 15 now), but let me tell you that an awful lot has changed in the world of baby goods in the last 14 years!

Well, I recognised the prams, car chairs and feeding chairs, they still looked fairly similar (albeit with more bells and whistles – a pram with a digital baby comfort (climate) sensor!). And I recognised the ever important disposable nappies. But then there were several aisles of various silicone, rubber and plastic things that I will need to research thoroughly before I can write about them without embarrassing myself (watch this space…)

14 years ago, a baby monitor was quite a new invention that simply transmitted sounds from the baby’s room to the receiver on the parents’ end, and looked a lot like a kids walkie-talkie. Now they have baby monitoring equipment that James Bond would be proud of – with remote controlled cameras, able to zoom in and out of whatever part of the baby’s room you may want to look at.

Things have certainly progressed, and although I’m not sure how necessary all this new equipment really is, researching gadgets it right up this dad’s alley.

As an avid scuba diver, amateur photographer and fair weather cyclist, I have to admit that a big part of my enjoyment of my hobbies has to do with the research, selection, purchasing and tinkering with the (often unnecessary) gadgets that I simply must have. Although many guys would never admit it, we are not so different to the ladies when it comes to shopping – we just buy different stuff (hobby-gear instead of shoes) and of course our purchases are absolute necessities.

I can see that daunted as I may be today about baby gear, it’s going to be a lot of fun researching and choosing baby gadgets for Zygote! But will 8 months be enough time?

Yet, all this technological advancement and still no gadget that tells you why your baby is crying!

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3 comments on “A New Hobby For Dad

  1. TJ
    October 10, 2012

    Enjoy the research. Much has changed! There are also a lot of pointless items out there. Some find use for things I never would have. Really consider the necessity before buying.

    There’s no gadge for crying, but you can research Dunstan baby cry language. There are courses on offer in SA!

  2. jaytee617
    October 10, 2012

    I agree with TJ about considering the necessity. My $10 “old school” baby monitor works just fine to let me know if he’s crying or not.

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