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9 Week Scan

At about 5 weeks pregnant and after some research we settled on a gynae and Wendy called to make an appointment for a first consultation with “Doctor G.” We were both a little disappointed when the appointment was set for 4 weeks later (9 weeks into the pregnancy) – such a long wait!

Eventually the time arrived and I met Wendy at Doctor G’s rooms. I made sure I arrived right on time (I wouldn’t miss this important event for anything) and had booked out the rest of my afternoon and taken my iPad with me, so I could do some work during what I’d heard is often a very long wait for the gynae.

Forms were completed and details given, then we sat and watched the goings on in Dr G’s waiting room. The Doctor’s receptionist was a hive of activity – the phone ringing constantly – appointments being made, questions being answered and advice given. Although the receptionist called everyone she spoke to “my darling” in a very sweet voice, her ultra efficient manner and brusque tone soon convinced me that this was one lady I never wanted to get on the wrong side of. Someone on the phone was told that the first appointment available for new consultations would only be in January. Gulp. We must have just got our appointment in time!

After about a 30 minute wait (pleasant surprise!), the doctor calls us through. To be honest, although I write “us” and “we” in this article, for the most part, it was as if I wasn’t really there, and if I was there, I was clearly incidental to everything else going on, and didn’t warrant more than a cursory glance from anyone. So to rephrase, the Doctor calls Wendy through, and I tag along. He looks at Wendy expectantly as if to say “and what seems to be the problem.” Wendy tells him about the positive pregnancy test, and he asks various medical history questions, questions about start dates of her last cycle, and about medications and family history.

Dr G has white hair (30 years of gynae experience) but young skin, sharp eyes and a steady hand. His quiet confident manner endeared me to him immediately. He shows compassion and gentle humour in his interactions with Wendy, and I’m very happy with our choice of gynae.

He tells us that at 9 weeks, baby Zee is too small to see with an external ultrasound, so he will perform an internal ultrasound. Wendy changes into a gown, and lies down on the bed next to the sonogram equipment – essentially the TV screen we will see Zee on for the first time. I’m trying to stay out of the way, but want to get a proper view of the screen, until Doc points out that there is a second screen positioned out of his way – exactly for this purpose (to keep dad out of the way, but give me a good view).

He shows us Wendy’s ovaries and then her uterus, with a tiny little blob in it that is our baby. Then he zooms in on the blob and it’s AMAZING. There is little Zee – about an inch long, and Doc points out the head and the body. I can see the heart beating too – a patch of movement in Zee’s body. It’s hard to explain what it feels like to see Zee for the first time. Exciting, amazing, awesome, miraculous, incredible just don’t do it justice. He prints us our first picture of baby Zee. The rest of the appointment is a bit of a blur. The excitement washes over me, and all I remember is that Zee apparently looks healthy – has a good heartbeat, is in the right position and is the right size for a 9 week pregnancy. Then he tells us (Wendy) about what we (she) can expect with the future scans (thankfully he gives us a brochure repeating all this info – as I didn’t remember much!), and answers some of our questions. At this point I was able to be vaguely useful, as I had made a list of questions we wanted to ask – about diet, exercise, vitamins and the like. I ask the questions, and he tells the answers to Wendy.

Then it’s off to the sister who draws some blood for various tests (I make myself useful again, and hold Wendy’s hand for this as she’s not a fan of needles), and then back to the reception where I am exceptionally polite to the iron lady while I pay the bill and make the next appointment for 4 weeks time.

In two words, “mind blowing.” I don’t care if the Doc never ever says a single word to me, there’s just no way I’ll miss a single scan – and a chance to see young Zee again.

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