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Legends of Boy or Girl

My blog last week and all the comments we get from friends and family got me thinking about just how many crazy “methods” there are for telling (for certain of course!) whether an unborn baby is a boy or a girl. Here are some of the ‘homemade’ or ‘old wives tales’ ways to “tell”:

String and Mom’s Wedding Ring. Mr Google informs me that this is a very popular method for predicting a baby’s gender. First have mom2B lie down on a flat surface. Place the string through the ring and dangle the ring over mom’s preggy tum. Try and hold the string as still as possible: If the ring does circles, it’s a boy. If it swings back and forth, it’s a girl. Our test – Boy!

Carrying high or carrying low. This one has to do with the position of the unborn baby, and it seems a lot of moms (especially second time pregnancies) swear by it. This legend says that boys lie high in mom’s belly and girls are generally positioned lower – “riding high, it’s a guy, if she’s low then you’ll know.” Our little Zee is only 11 weeks, so too early for us to use this one yet.

Relative Breast Sizes. Dads can have some fun playing judge on this one, or mom can stand in front of the mirror. If the right breast is slightly bigger, it’s a boy, left means girl. Our test – Boy!

Chinese Calendar. Legend has it that hundreds of years ago a scroll was found in a Chinese tomb that combines mom’s birthday with baby’s conception date to predict the baby’s sex. You can Google this to try out one of the many Chinese calendars online. Our test – Girl!

More Numbers. Another legend out there suggests that we add mom’s birth year to the conception month. If resulting total is an even number, it’s a boy, while an odd number means it’s a girl. Our test – Girl!

Preggy Mom’s Food Cravings: Cravings for “man food” salty, cheesy, meaty, fried say it’s a boy. Cravings for sweets, cakes, fruits and veg seem to say it’s a girl. Our test – Girl!

Baby’s Heart Rate: If the baby’s heart rate is below 140 it’s a boy, and if it’s greater than 140, it’s a girl. This one is particularly “useful”, especially as unborn babies’ heart rates vary throughout the pregnancy! We’ll have to wait until after our next scan to give a reading on this one.

Mom’s Butt! If mom doesn’t look preggy from behind it’s a boy, but if she’s gaining weight on her bottom, then it’s a girl. This one is definitely a trick put in to get dads in trouble. Whatever happens, I’m telling Wendy it’s a BOY!

The bottom line of course is that the more you look online, the more theories that you will find, and the more you’ll find that they conflict with each other. But for now, I’m sticking to my guns that Wendy’s butt is looking just great!

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2 comments on “Legends of Boy or Girl

    November 15, 2012

    I’ll go with the ring thing, the boob thing, the position thing and the bum thing, (I still got wolf whistles at 7 months from guys driving up from behind me. Boy were they surprised when they looked back!). Re the numbers…….nah, if this was true both my boys are girls.

    Love, love love the blog!
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  2. Mrs FF
    November 19, 2012

    If only predicting the baby’s sex was this straightforward, we would not need to have a scan to check baby’s sex and Doctors would make less money from scans (LOL)

    I am sure there would be as many housewives’ tales as there are babies born around the world

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