Thoughts on becoming a dad for the second time

It’s a Girl!


After weeks of waiting and wondering, and after about a quintillion people asking us “do you know if you’re having a girl or a boy?” we finally found out at our 17 week scan with Dr G last week.

On arrival at Dr G’s rooms, it was obvious that it was the 18th December in Jozi, with most people having left for the coast on holiday. It was just Wendy and I plus one other lady in the waiting rooms – and we were up first! Doc G called us through, and it was straight onto the scan bed for Wendy, gooey gel stuff on her belly, and then there was little dancing Zee on the screen again – as active as ever. Dr G asked if we wanted to find out Zee’s gender, “Yes!” both of us almost yelled.

These scans can be a nerve racking affair for parents to be who haven’t really a clue what we are looking at on the little screen. Dr G whizzes the scan device around looking for the view he wants, all the while we are trying to figure out what we are seeing on the screen, and whether it’s good or bad, or proof that Zee is a girl or a boy. Suddenly he zooms in on some part of Zee’s anatomy (at this point we have no idea what we’re looking at, or even which way is up), freezes the screen – and we see some or other part of Zee’s anatomy – and both Wendy and I think – okay, so it must be a boy – because it seemed to be a protruding anatomical feature.

But Dr G says “congratulations, you have a healthy baby girl” proving why he is the Doc who looks at uteri every day and why we should stick to our day jobs.

We were both too stunned and excited to ask how he knew, or what we were looking at, and he went on to take several of Zee’s measurements to monitor her progress – the circumference of her head, the length of her femur etc. All is well (phew!), and Zee’s expected arrival date shifted out slightly by 2 days to 29th May.

Now I’ve read that telling the gender by looking at a scan is only 95% accurate, so I ask Dr G if he’s “fairly certain” that Zee is a girl. “No!” he says – he’s 100% certain that it’s a girl… “you can go ahead and buy pink!”

Wendy and I had decided that we would keep Zee’s gender to ourselves for a while, and enjoy our little bit of private knowledge for a few days. Also, Wendy’s parents were away for the week – and there’s nothing as sensitive as a couple of grandmothers-to-be worrying about who knows what first – so we are going to make an announcement to the whole family altogether at our Christmas Eve dinner tonight, ensuring everyone will find out at exactly the same time.

Finding out the gender of your unborn child has a way of making becoming a dad again so much more real. Not that it wasn’t real before – but now it’s super real. I am going to have a daughter. And I am super-excited about it.

Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates Christmas, and happy holidays to everyone else!

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