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Hello Again


It’s March already! Where has the time gone?! To say it’s been a busy year could be the understatement of the century.

After Christmas, Wendy and I jetted off to beautiful Mauritius (pics below) for two weeks for our last proper holiday (for a few years at least) as a couple without a baby. It was a fabulous holiday spent with good friends – a couple and their 18-month old daughter – so some full-on parenthood training for us. (The 18-month-old is a wonderful little girl, and dissolved all my earlier worries about becoming a daughter’s dad.) Instead of the typical resort-based Mauritian holiday, we did an off-the-beaten track version – and drove ourselves around the stunning island, staying in a couple of Bungalows (one in Flic-en-Flac, and one on the lesser known Mauritian island of Rodrigues), as well as a boutique hotel in Grand Bay. Deep sea fishing, snorkelling, scuba diving, sweet pineapple-on-a-stick, gorging on piles of fresh lobster at a beachside stall and basking in the warm reef-protected sea, drinking Mauritiun Rum and OJ were the order of the day (plus 3 days indoors waiting for a tropical cyclone to pass by). An amazing break before returning to a very busy 2013 in Jozi.

I returned to twelve hour days at my (newish) job (started in October only) to frantic preparations for budgets, new product launches and the hiring of all the staff necessary to make things happen in my new exciting role. I’m one of the fortunate people who absolutely loves my job at what may be the best company to work for in South Africa – so no complaints at all – but love it or not – the long hours do tire one out.

To free myself of the festive season flab that appeared around my waist since November, I’ve also been trying to maintain a regular exercise regime, with some weeks more successful than others.

And the builders arrived at our home to start what (we hope) will be four months of renovations to be completed well in time for the arrival of Baby Zee. Everyone tells us that builders always run late, but so far our guy has stayed exactly on track, and our fingers remain optimistically crossed. We’re adding an entertainment area and study to free up a room for Baby Zee, and our pad is going to look stunning once it’s all done – but managing a project like this takes more time than you can imagine.

Any sensible person would have seen this as a full plate and stopped there, but I also *needed* to complete a Dive Master (scuba) qualification that I started 18 months ago. Wendy’s not sure that “needed” is the right word for me to use, and let’s just say that in the end we agreed to disagree – but the dive school wouldn’t let me stretch out my course any longer – and I was 80% of the way there so would have been a huge waste to give it all up. So I spent 3 weekends in Feb doing practical training and exercises, much to Wendy’s disdain at me being away from home so much. But now it’s done and behind me, and dive is no longer a four letter word…

In between the work and building and exercise and diving, I’ve been getting really excited about the eminent arrival of Baby Zee in twelve weeks time. Since we last spoke:

  • We’ve agreed on a name for Zee (which we’re keeping secret until she arrives, just in case she doesn’t “look” like the name we’ve chosen);
  • Wendy has read me hundreds of extracts from the many baby books that now adorn our home (how else would I know who Gina Ford is (the routine Nazi) and what cluster feeding and colostrum are?
  • The ante-natal classes are booked (April)… and I’m sure there will be a blog or two out of that experience!
  • The furniture and pretty pink bedding for baby zee’s room is ordered.
  • The Mima Xari “travel system” (pram and car seat) has arrived – been assembled, pushed around the house, disassembled and packed safely back in its box, waiting for Zee (and for more space once the building is done!) In the end we went for one that’s as much fashion accessory as a baby moving device – and it *really* is good looking – even from a Dad’s perspective;
  • The stork party (baby shower) is arranged (thankfully Wendy opted for the old fashioned ladies only version) – maybe I’ll go diving that day 🙂
  • We already have 3 drawers full of pretty little outfits (Almost everyone who visits brings a gift for Zee, who is going to be one very well dressed little girl from day one!)
  • And the two visits we’ve had to Dr G went well – with Zee healthy and still on track to arrive at the end of May – but nothing too much to write about that I haven’t already – Dr G is still great, and “Attila” the receptionist still not so.
  • I now have a morning routine where before I get up and shower I hold my hand tightly over sleeping Wendy’s soccer-ball belly and feel for Zee’s kicks. I love this start to my day – if I’m patient I usually feel some motion, and if I’m not so, I get a kick from Wendy for waking her with my prodding. It is so special to feel my daughter move inside my lovely wife!

So now you know why I’ve been away from my blog for a while. No promises about when I’ll be back, but I’m sure the ante-natal classes will be an ample supply of new material. Until next time…

Jozi Dad

Me, in Rodrigues

Me, in Rodrigues (and first pic of Jozi Dad on the blog)

Beautiful secluded beach in Rodrigues

Beautiful secluded beach in Rodrigues



Boat to Ille De Coco in Rodrigues

Boat to Ille De Coco in Rodrigues

Whale spout while deep sea fishing in Mauritius

Whale spout while deep sea fishing in Mauritius

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    April 9, 2013

    I’m curious and enthusiastic about what you will be covering below.

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