Thoughts on becoming a dad for the second time

About jozidad

Hubby to amazing wife “Wendy“, dad to teen “Tom” (15) and unborn “Zygote” (who is eagerly expected to arrive in May 2013).

Born and schooled in Zim in the days when Bob was less insane, I’ve lived in Jozi for almost 20 years and have recently had the urge to write about becoming a dad for the second time.

I’m gainfully employed in one of the great South African corporates, and for that reason have decide to keep this blog anonymous (for now anyway) – so I can honestly write about the things I might not otherwise like my colleagues to know I’ve written about!

Wendy and I are avid foodies, and I’m currently (always?) trying hard not to look more pregnant than Wendy, a sometimes runner, sometimes cyclist – but not when it’s too cold or too wet… lover of scuba diving, travel and photography (although we’re told (way too enthusiastically by our friends with small kinders who I think are jealous of our past holidays) that the arrival of young Zygote may put a spanner in the travel works…)

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